11 Jan 2013

IN THE WEIRDNESS Files! Vintage Drum Machine Theremin!

Last of the Incredibly Funky Devices! This is an extremely rare piece and is the last one available ever. Its a foot or hand controlled analog drum machine from Shin-e Companion (Jax) of Japan circa 1967, with my built in photocell theremin circuit. I also tweaked the sounds for maxim freak-out levels. It has super-funky stylings with it's rainbow control panel, chrome & rubber pedals and faux-wood look. It's extremely clean and in great working and physical condition with the exception of a few scuffs and scratches. "The 4 In The Floor" has very analog sounds and is very fun to play. It has separate volume controls for each sound, a 1/4" output, a speed control for the snare and an on/of switch for the photocell and range knob Now you too can own this funky rarebird - one of 3 in the world dont miss out! Get it only @ chamberofsounds.com

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