6 Jul 2011

RARE Vintage Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR8L....for sale!

Vintage Ace Tone Rhthym Ace FR8L 'Rhythym Producer' analogue Drum Machine.
These machines are becoming more and more rare, and this one is in full working order.
'Ace Tone' were founded in 1960 and went on to become a name we all know these days, Roland.
This unit was launched around 1974, and dates from that time.
It's housed in an elegant wooden cabinet, which has a couple of minor scuffs and marks, but for something that's almost 40 years old, and was heavily used in its earlier days, it's done not badly. The only thing 'wrong' with it, is the screws have been removed from the folding music desk! The Music desk is there (as can be seen in the pics) and will need 6 small screws to re-attach it.

We have a sensible reserve on this unit, or you can buy it now!
There is only this one, and once it's sold, it's sold.
As it is such an instrinsically valuable piece of musical history, we would prefer it to be collected, but will courier at cost.

Note, these usually sell for between £130 and £160 and the reserve price reflects this.
If someone uses the 'buy it now' button we will however, include carriage if required.


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