26 Jul 2011

SOUNDMASTER Stix 305...analogue...for sale!

Sound Master Stix ST-305 Analogue Drum machine.
A great little drum machine made in 1981 which was a direct answer to the Roland Trs.

In very good condition.
It has a very strong mellow thump sound to the kick and general all round analogue warmth which can be controlled from the sweep of the hard to soft tone control to bring its presence out, it sounds great.

Sequencer - 16-step sequencer with Fill-in and Variation effects
Patterns - 8 programmable rhythm patterns (six 16-step, two 12-step)
It also has control trigger in and out, one a constant clock pulse and the other programmable via the accent.

The real beauty of the is machine is it has a direct output for every drum sound.
I have only ever used this drum machine with batteries as I never wanted to risk using a power supply or giving it the wrong voltage or impedance, but I’m sure it would work fine with a power adaptor, but as I say it’s a lovely machine and I wasn’t prepared to take that risk and the batteries last for ages anyway, the batteries are used for its memory also.

It does come with its original manual but it’s in German you may be able to find a UK manual on line somewhere.

Please note, personally it took me a bit of time to get my head around it to program, and it has to be programmed to get any sound out of it, but once up and running it is a very unique drum machine and I’m sure there’s not many of these around.


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