9 Feb 2010

ROLAND TR727....classic for sale!

Vintage Roland TR-727 Rhythm Composer s/n 563665 + Boss ACA PSU

Japan made 'Latin Percussion' machine with rock solid onboard based sequencer feauturing midi I/O, DIN sync and trigger out socket for controlling selected other roland/boss gear

This vintage machine features 10 individual outputs (one for each timbre!!) in addition to L/R and headphone outputs making it an extremely versatile piece of kit, you have the ability to process each drum sound independently with FX very easily so is an extremely useful addition to any studio!!

Each drum has its own level control for precise adjustment too!

Sound wise its all about Latin percussion and certainly not a traditional sounding drum machine; onboard sounds include whistles, star chimes, quijada, cabasa and maracas, congas and bongos amongst other things. This is a very popular machine particularly for techno and house productions due to both the onboard sounds and the groovy shuffle settings on the sequencer ;)

Item is unboxed and with a PDF manual on CD, cosmetically the unit is in grade B/C condition, there are a few marks to the finish but generally its good considering the age! Included with the sale is either a UK Boss ACA power adaptor (pictured) or I also have a Euro spec ACA-220; both are in poor cosmetic condition but are functional- let me know if you have any preferences or I will send the appropriate one for the country its headed to :)


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