15 Feb 2010

ROLAND R8....for sale!

One of the best drum machines ever produced, eclipsed only by its later sibling, the R8 mk11. 68 percussion sounds, sampled at 44.1kHz with a 16-bit dynamic range, giving superb sound quality.

The 16 large, touch sensitive key pads allow you to alter volume and tone naturally by striking the pad with varying force. Pan, Decay and Pitch can be altered to allow you to create expressive rhythm performances.

The Copy Instrument function allows you to create up to 26 edited instruments, in addition to the existing ones. The R-8 mk 11 can store 'feel patch' data. It also allows you to set the Timing Velocity / Decay / Pitch / Nuance for each note of a rhythm pattern, allowing you to create realistic performances. It can store up to 100 user-programmed rhythm patterns and up to 10 Songs.

8 individual outputs, as well as stereo and phones give very flexible mixing options. Midi In, Out and Thru. Tape Synch. Start/Stop footswitch jack. Expression Pedal jack. Slots for RAM and ROM cards.

There's just too much to list for this machine. If you're looking, you'll know all about it.

The original manual and power supply are included, as is a Power Drums USA SN-R8-09 ROM card. I don't have the original box, but it will be very well packed for shipping.

It is in what I would call 'well loved' condition. It has obviously been used, has no real deep scratches, dents or serious damage to it, but does have a series of smudgey graze marks on it. A couple go very slightly below the surface finish of the machine, but most are not scratches as such, more like the kind of mark that a pencil rubber might make. I have tried to show them as best I can on the photos. They make no difference at all to the working of the machine. It operates perfectly.

Postage rate includes full insurance. Please ask for postage rates to specific non-UK addresses.


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Unknown said...

I looove these, some of the sounds seem a bit rocky and lame but when you start jamming you realise it has a soul of purest techno. They must have had one in the R and S studios in Belgium cos it's all over loads of their early/mid 90s stuff. I was tempted to bid but I really can't justify buying any more drum machines at the moment!Pity.