27 Nov 2009

VINTAGE MPC Percussion Computer...for sale!

Early 1980's MPC flightcased drum machine, this i seriously cool looking drum machine, i will admit im not an expert on these things and have only been able to do a basic test with a set of headphones. All the pads are working and all of the decay, pitch, volume, tone, bend and mix knobs all seem to be working fine aswell, but ive not got a clue as to all of the keypad functions nor linking it to a computer, etc. All of the LED' light up and when you press keys on the keypad they change from one setting to another and also flash in time or in sequence. Basically, it looks as though it all works but just in case im selling AS-IS so's not to dissapoint anyone.

Its a heavy machine so th UK postage is £14.00 or you can collect if you wish, comes with mains lead, instructions and a C64 interface. The foam in the lid is a bit sticky as it is starting to age and perish.


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