27 Nov 2009

VINTAGE KENT K110 Analog Rhythm Master...for sale!

Vintage 1960's KENT Rhythm Master Drum Machine. This unit is in working condition and sounds very nice. It has an extremely unique sound not offered by other machines of its kind. This is an extremely RARE analog drum machine! The famous Kent K-110 drum machine was released soon after the Korg Donca Matic. The K-100 series are said by some to be the first "real" drum machines. All rhythms are working, the pots can be a little scratchy, and there is a bit of noise, as to be expected from a machine this age. Could probably use a recap on the PSU, but perfectly useable as-is. Cosmetically it is in nice condition, there are a couple of nicks and dings. The back cover appears to be missing. Perfect for sampling, chopping up beats, add delay some reverb and things get real psyched-out. This is a great experimental minimalist piece.


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