8 Mar 2009

PROGRAMMING the Korg Kpr77!

This is the Korg KPR-77.

Neat little drum Machine with a warm tone. The toms sound great. Kick could use a little more depth, snare could use more snap... but the still sound neat, obviously. You could always do the Plutonique9 Mod and add a quick pitch ENV to the kick and a faster attack to the snare. I hear it sounds great! I had been intending to do the mod, but am instead selling the machine and switching to vintage samplers. Thought I would make a quick little video to help sell it, so here it is!

The KPR is a cool machine, but is mostly overshadowed by the Roland stuff, particularly the 606. The 606 does sound cool, but I think the KPR has much better toms. I personally think that the Boss DR-110 sounds better than both of these, but it lacks toms, and that's a bummer being that I love the analog tom sound. The KPR does sound very unique, sounds amazing with a little TLC in the EQ and Effects department and will definitely add a unique sound to your setup. Try dropping some of the Lower Mids a bit and boosting the Low. Delay is always great, and of course something to grunge it up is awesome too.

In the spirit of analog gear, I recorded all the audio of this video to my Tascam MSR-16 Reel-To-Reel through my analog Ramsa board, with absolutely no EQ or effects of any kind. What you hear is exactly what the KPR is! original post by http://www.youtube.com/user/peglegjoe857

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