20 Jun 2010

KORG S3 DIGITAL drum machine sequencer...for sale!

Superb and VERY rare rhythm workstation from KORG. Drumming partner of the mighty M1!! Same classic styling!!

NOT just another drum machine, but a complete rhythm workstation, with TWO multi effects processors and an integrated MIDI hardware sequencer!! Its a percussion SYNTH inits own right too - the sounds are composed of two separate programmable timbres which can be combined in any combination!! This makes for some really unusual and individual sounds!! The attack and main portions of the sound can be from different sound sets. WICKED feature!! Packed with superb sounds! Velocity sensitive pads for realtime playing and programming. This beast even has the ability to both read AND write SMPTE sync code for use with tape recorders and older gear! Has Stereo AND four individual outs. The spec goes on and on......

This one is in good condition (check the close ups), and comes with the PSU, and the original printed manual. A RARE chance to own a classic!


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