20 Apr 2010

KORG DD5...for sale!

Excellent working and good cosmetic condition

The DDD-5 is a digital programmable drum machine from Korg from the mid 80’s with 14 electronic drum sounds including kicks, snares, toms, rimshot, closed hi hats, open hi hats, ride, crash, claps, cowbell, tambourine and cabasa and a couple of slapped bass style eighties ROM sounds. There are seven assignable Dynamic Sound buttons for triggering the sounds.

Programming the DDD-5 is fairly straight forward. Memory holds 100 patterns which can be linked or chained to form songs, for which there are 24 song memory locations. The drum sounds have editable parameters such as tuning and decay and for added groove in your patterns there are Roll and Flam effects. The DDD-5 is equipped with MIDI implementation making it an easy drum machine to use in any MIDI environment. If you like typical eighties drum sounds, the DDD-5 is a cheap alternative to the DDD-1 and other similar drum machines like the Roland TR-707.


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