31 Jan 2011

JOMOX Xbase 999...for sale!

Selling my JoMox Xbase999. arguably the best Drum machine on the planet, Analogue and sampled sounds, upload your own samples. Sequencer remembers settings per step, or play it live, it does the lot. Sounds amazing, nothing sounds fatter than this thing. MachineDrum? nope, you want fat, you need the JoMox. I'm only selling as I need cash for Buchla! going to be sad to see this puppy go.

Its in very good fully working condition and comes with original PSU.

- 9 instruments: Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Hi Tom, Low Tom, Hi Hat, Clap, Rim Shot, Crash, Ride
- Analog kick, toms, snare
- Analog multimode stereo filter with Cutoff, Q, Res and Gain per channel
- LP/HP/BP/Not Mode per channel, 5 routings, VCA Out in mix out
- 5 sample based instruments with analog VCA envelope
- 31 samples per instrument (HH has 2 Samples) per instrument - 186 total
- HH Filter: In the hihat section an extra analog filter may be inserted. Signal source can be wether sample or noise. HP/LP cutoff are adjustable, resonant capable
- LFOs: 2 of which are assignable to different parameters
- Own samples can be uploaded by the Jomox Editor
- Midi: Midi In, Midi Out, Midi Thru
- Inputs: Filter Stereo In
- Outputs: 10 individual outs, stereo mix, headphone
- Output Level: about +4dBu at max. volume on all outputs
- 19 encoders
- Phones Volume
- LCD Display 2x 24 Characters
- 10.5V 2A ~AC external power supply
- Metal steel enclosure
- Wooden end cheeks
- Weight 5kg


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